Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hempfest afterparty live paint at the ORB

Painted live on stage during the Hempfest afterparty with the Artifakt crew at the Old Rainier Brewery, it was incredible!
(painted with Solace, Jeremy Gregory, Hera, and Xavier Lopez Jr.)

I was super stoked to share in all that great energy and finish some paintings, especially the big one of the girl's face.. it's been sitting around half done for months.

Yesterday was my first self-appointed live paint marathon. I started out painting all day at the Ballard art in the garden festival (9am to 6pm). I worked on finishing four big paintings during that. Then onto the afterparty (8pm to 1am) paint more! good times!

I've been getting really addicted to painting live, I barely paint in a studio atmosphere anymore... there is a whole different energy painting out at places.

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