Monday, September 14, 2009

no more bike locks

let's face facts.. bike locks are kind of a pain in the ass to carry around.
I don't even have a bike, I'm going off information provided by friends. (bike locks= got to go)

So instead of bike locks, here is the new technique.

bike lock replacement program 2009 (BLRP2K9)

bike + tape + cobra = bike protection
(see bad drawing)

No one is going to steal a bike with a cobra taped to it, I guarantee it
I understand that a cobra is kind of expensive, especially during these times of economic downturn.
If that's the case, switch out the cobra with a boa constrictor.

The result is the same.

let's pull together and get this new program off the ground
good times!

(I'm on the lookout for an old bmx type bike, if anyone sees one for sale.. let me know)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree. Kick stands need to go too. Seriously, leaning it on a wall is just as good. Actually, it's better. You might need to run from someone or something one day. Think about those extra 4 seconds it's going to take for you to pop up the kick stand. Those 4 seconds could be a life saver.