Saturday, December 10, 2011

"we got a man down, dude" -Walter Sobchak

last night, I walked across a frozen field.. then, onto a parking lot
the first step I took.. I thought "whoah, is this all frozen over?..."

I full blown slipped and landed right on my ass and my bag.
I popped back up to my feet, completely unscathed
(I have to thank being a skateboarder for not getting hurt.
I instinctually know how to take a slam, most of the time)

I started hearing liquid hitting the ground.. it was a ruptured beer.
I had a sampler trio in my bag that consisted of very fine beers

*rolling rock
*pabst blue ribbon

The PBR was taken out, fallen soldier. I got it out of my bag
as quick as possible and left it in the parking lot.

The other two beers had considerable damage,
but thankfully, both pulled through

(photo evidence of beer can damage)

1 comment:

SwissCake said...

Gotta protect your boys. But once one starts bleeding, you gotta save your bag, for sure!