Wednesday, December 14, 2011

standard daytime walk in the neighborhood

I finally found that secret emergency cigarette spot
that everyone is always talking about

if I ever start smoking, I'll remember to come by here

then, I ran into this.. take a toy


I couldn't decide which one to take..
I ended up leaving all of them

someone else needs those toys more than I do

I decided to go down the "zombie route" part of the neighborhood

it's a road that runs right in between two graveyards
this was a daytime walk, so it wasn't a big deal

I've only walked the zombie route a couple times at night

I mean... seriously.. look at that chain link fence
zombies can get through that in a second and the graveyard
on the other side doesn't even have a fence.

I finished off the walk by going through a bunch of streets
that were blocked off by police cars.
helicopters and cop cars everywhere

apparently, someone spotted a person that is on
the list of the ten most wanted people in Washington
and the police were locking down the neighborhood
around Lowell Elementary

note to self:
when doing something simple
(like going to the store to get laundry detergent)
make sure to take the long route
that's where all the magic is

good times!


esbboston said...

If you look veRy caRefully at the mesh size foR the chain link fence you will see that they have installed the pRopeR size to make it be zombie Resistant. I hope this gives you gReat comfoRt and peace of mind.

starheadboy said...

I feel a lot better about it now that you say that. I'm always on edge around that area, zombies are super quiet and I don't want any sneaking up on me.