Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"oh, hi little cold"

you snuck right up on me and gave me one of those hugs..
one big virus filled hug.. YAY!

little cold.. you followed me around all day
followed me on a long chilly walk in the pouring rain
you gave me everything that you could for my entertainment dollar..

lots of sneezing, even more sniffles.. and some weird dizziness
thanks so much for keeping everything interesting around here..
but.. we are going to have to cut this little visit short
I have stuff to do, things to work on

I know everybody likes a stuffy head
I know that you love to give all you can
..you give selflessly.. it's really beautiful
but, I've got enough.. I really don't want anymore
thank you though

say "hi" to everyone for me
it was good to see you again...
we should do this again maybe next year some time
I'm sure you won't be a stranger
have fun out there, little cold
good times!

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