Sunday, March 13, 2011

"just be cool, man"

it's the end of the winter..
things always get crazy at the end of the winter
people are irritable, depressed.. angry
it's from the lack of sun and the constant cold, rainy days

this year I've been experiencing something that's kind of new for me
lots of ego swirling around in some peoples heads
ego is a super powerful thing
it make people think they are better than others.. and they're not
over inflated ego is a just a symptom of insecurity
huge egos are a turn-off and annoying

there is no need for competition
I'm all for a healthy self love and true self confidence
ego is different.. it's a hollow illusion
and it destroys things.. pure things

what did we all learn from the very wise Samuel L Jackson
in Pulp Fiction? remember?
"just be cool, man"

I'm going to give these weird experiences lately
the benefit of the doubt and blame it all on the weather
I'm hoping when the sun finally comes out
that it dries up some of these egos

because, weird big egos aren't very fun to deal with..
and I wanna have fun!

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