Friday, July 16, 2010

this is actually the back side of a buffalo print on clear vinyl buffed with silver paint.
I reached up and took him back.

he was there for at least a year before he fell to the hand of the infamous Ballard Buffer.

I'm so happy that he was covered in silver and not grey...

grey is completely ridiculous and pointless, silver has some class.

come home little buffalo


sara of the hinterland said...

good work! way to bring him on home. i noticed today whilst walking through ballard that this cheeseburger sticker that's been on a dumpster next to the shoe repair shop for DEFINITELY over a year has finally been buffed over. i think the buff-monster has been awakened with a vengeance!

starheadboy said...

thanks!! the little guy likes it here.

the buff monster is making us all adapt and get higher, he doesn't even know that in the long run he's helping us stay up more. good times!!