Saturday, July 3, 2010


My buddy Narboo had a show in a park out in Issaquah yesterday

I tagged along to hang out, I ended up painting on a bunch of stuff...

... then, it started raining
we found a little bit of shelter under an awning in the park

the awning was made of vines and leaves...
so, eventually the rain started to leak through

the more it rained, the more it leaked

and it kept raining

the drips on the paintings are some of the results of the rain
my first instinct was to towel off the drips..
but, I knew.. I knew
I'd like the drips later

a little time passed, I love the random drips!!
good times!!

now I want to do some live painting in the middle of a rainstorm
number one, to see the results..
number two, for the awesome photos it'll bring.

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