Monday, March 8, 2010

the opposite of a sippycup... a pissycup

I used to live on Beacon Hill in a house I named the "Fight Club" house, the house was falling apart at the seams and on top of that it was completely haunted.. good times!

It was a two story house and I lived upstairs in the attic.
My roommate and I had a falling out and it was a little uncomfortable living there, I made it my mission not to get in his way.. I just avoided that dude.

I would go on a walk down to Georgetown every night, I loved it! My destination was the convenience store in the heart of Georgetown... hands down the greatest convenience store on the planet earth.
I'd always get my two standard Coors Light tall cans and head back home.

I'd get those beautiful silver babies home and drink 'em while I painted up on some canvases.

I got sick and tired of having to haul my ass up and down the sketchy, super steep stairs in the house... just to take a piss.
SO.. logical conclusion.... piss out the window upstairs.

It started out with me just pissing straight onto the roof.. YES!! great idea.
That is until the weather got warmer, then it started smelling like a Pioneer Square alley around that place.

I came up with a new idea.
I designated one cup, one cup that I would never drink out of again...

that cup was instantly, magically transformed into the PISSYCUP.

I would piss in the cup, lean out my window as far as I could and throw the piss out into the yard.. HELL YES!!! and it worked awesome.

Shortly before I moved out of that place, I was walking home from Georgetown and I looked at the lawn in front of the house. There was one long patch of grass that was super lush and vibrant green, that was the patch of grass that was receiving all those essential nutrients provided by me and the pissycup.
That moment is one of my favorite memories of all time

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