Wednesday, February 1, 2012

fine art/street art

I stopped by The Upstairs in Belltown today
to replace some sold paintings

there is a group show of artists in the space
I walked in and saw some framed starhead and narboo


they're framed photos of post alley

I'm choosing to look at this in a positive light,
to me.. there is no other way to see it, good times!
I'm super flattered that they like the images so much,
that they chose to make them the focal point in their own art.
as an independent artist, this just adds more exposure to my work

once that work is on the streets, anything can happen with it
it no longer belongs to us, it belongs to everyone

I am also really entertained at the fact that the artist that
created one of the images in the photos has paintings hanging
next to said photo, good times!
I wonder if the person that took the photo realizes that

anyway, I'm stoked that life is a constant adventure and
these seemingly, bizarre amazing things happen to me all the time

The Upstairs is just to the right of Pintxo in Belltown
2207 2nd Avenue
in Beautiful Seattle, Washington

there is an artist reception tomorrow night after
the first thursday artwalk
starting at 8pm, yayer!!

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SwissCake said...

That's a little crazy. Great attitude!