Friday, November 18, 2011

artist and chef, Ryan Henry Ward

step one:
hot tub/brainstorm session overlooking the Puget Sound
with Wes Sp8, Mantisart, Starheadboy, and Ryan Henry Ward.
followed by a sauna inside a mansion on the hill

step two:
take food and foodstuffs out of the magic mansion refrigerator.
make some coffee and stay out of the Safari Room.

step three:
have artist and chef, Ryan Henry Ward mix all those ingredients
up into a delicious meal. COMPLETE WITH CINNAMON ROLLS!

step four:
give this man his own cooking show already, good times!

step five:
smile and ponder how incredible life really is... YOWWWWW!

step six:
get home, right a blog post about it with a bunch of steps...
but, don't explain what the steps are supposed to accomplish
(good times, steps are fun!)

step seven:
awesome "seven step system"!

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