Thursday, July 21, 2011

spirits among us

a couple days ago, I was driving to lil Ballard
I came to a four-way stop

I stopped at almost the exact same time as another car
and there was a guy using the crosswalk in front of my car

the other car honked, signaling me to go..
but, the pedestrian was directly in front of my car

"really? you can't see that this guy is using the crosswalk?
fucking open your eyes, I can't go.. YOU GO!"
I thought to myself

so, the guy finished walking across the road.
the other car waited, I went

I kept thinking about it
I know a lot of people never pay attention to anything
but, really? they really couldn't see the guy in the crosswalk

then it hit me, maybe they couldn't
maybe the guy was a spirit
maybe I was the only one that could see him

we've all heard the story of someone killed along a highway
and the ghost hitchhikes that stretch of road

how often does that happen?
how many people around me everyday are spirits?

maybe it looks like I'm talking to myself all the time,
when I might be talking to spirits


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