Thursday, December 16, 2010

she wanted a tampon, but settled for $1.11 and a beer

on the way up to my friendly neighborhood convenience store tonight
a woman stopped me and asked for some money to buy tampons

I had a dollar to spare, that was it
she told me how much it sucked to beg for money for tampons
I can believe that

she asked if I would have change when I got my beer
I told her I'd give her the change too.
it ended up being 11 cents
I gave that to her too

she asked if I could spare a beer
I gave her one

she asked if her pants were messed up around her ass
I checked, everything looked fine
it was dark and her jeans were black, so who knows

she was a really nice lady

these are the kinds of conversations that happen in
my neighborhood after midnight, I love it!
never gets boring

good times

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