Thursday, April 8, 2010

Naked City Brewery show (Friday, April 9th)

collab paintings for
Naked City Brewery show this Friday in Greenwood

Naked City Brewery is at
8564 Greenwood Ave N
(between 85th St & 87th St)
Seattle, WA 98103

each canvas is worked on by the following artists:
Narboo, Ryan "Henry" Ward, Andrew Miller, Starheadboy, and Xavier Lopez Jr.

This show is part of the Greenwood Artwalk, come out
it's gonna be fun!


MaryW said...

This show looks great, starheadboy. What time is the art walk?

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ twas interesting. thanks for not edging away from me considering I haven't showered in a while. (^>prosser