Friday, February 5, 2010

worry and panic

panic and worry everywhere we look... PANIC NOW!!
there's a million things to worry about

I feel like I am too relaxed, I don't worry enough and I hardly ever panic.

I want to contribute to the worry and panic and do my part...

after all it is our duty to panic and worry.. right?

so, I came up with a worry

I love Cheez-its

*what if the vending machine at "dayjob" runs out of Cheez-its tomorrow?

*what if the Cheez-its are replaced with some cheap knock off generic cheese flavored cracker?

*what if my open bag of Cheez-its falls on the floor and I don't have another 65 cents to get a new one?

*what if I get burned out on Cheez-its?

*what if? what if?

shit.. now I'm worried


Lisa R Town said...

good work! gotta stay on top of things... what if all the cheeze-its were gone... and you hadn't given it a moments thought/panic...

I shudder at the thought! ;)

On another note... (a more truthful one)...

I was thinking today... at your 'day job'...

What greatness was ever born of brow beating and panic? Most of the greatness I know of was born of solitude and alcohol :D

starheadboy said...

so true!