Sunday, October 4, 2009

where the fuck are all these metal coat hangers coming from?

I haven't owned a single metal coat hanger in years,
I don't even think metal coat hangers are being manufactured or sold anywhere anymore..
but, one things is for sure..

if keys are locked inside a car.. a metal coat hanger will magically appear out of thin air.

Every time I see someone trying to get into their locked car.. COAT HANGER!!
Where do they come from?

Are they sent from the future and just appear during times of need?
Are they secretly superheroes showing up to save the day?

(that's right I said it.. WTF!!?)

The only time I ever see a metal coat hanger is when it's being shoved into that area on a car door where the glass meets the rubber seal.. awkwardly inching its way to the door handle.

Don't get me wrong.. I think metal coat hangers are great...

I just don't understand how they consistently show up every time keys are locked in a car.

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